Your Wedding - An Expression of Love and Commitment

Pastor Dietmar will gladly plan your wedding with you at St. Paul's UCC or off site. Love is sacred. Our love for one another is an expression of God's love for us. We consider marriage as the bond and commitment of two persons who love each other and who want to share their lives with each other. The wedding celebration will be an expression of love, gratefulness, and commitment to God and to one another.

The church sanctuary is available for $300 for persons who are not members of St. Paul's UCC. Members of St. Paul's UCC can use the sanctuary at no cost. The custodian and sound technician will cost $75 each and the organist/pianist $100. These fees include rehearsal and wedding. Pastor Dietmar's honorarium of $200 includes four sessions of counseling and wedding preparation, the wedding rehearsal and the wedding itself. If the wedding is planned off site, at a location of your choice, the only fee that applies is the pastor's honorarium.  

For more information or to schedule your wedding, please contact the church office or Pastor Dietmar at