Hot Topic Conversation - September 22, 9:15 am

In late December and early January of 2019, Shari Jacobson and her daughter Cate, a student at Lewisburg H.S. traveled to the southern border to witness and report back a “first-hand” account of the conditions and treatment of those who were seeking asylum to the US. It was Shari and Cate’s hope that they could “soften people’s hearts” by bringing back personal stories. Shari and Cate have been interviewed by local TV, radio and newspaper outlets and have spoken at “Lights for Liberty” event in Lewisburg. The immigration crisis is a complicated and emotional issue. Very few of us will travel to the southern border or have direct involvement in what is happening there. We are privileged to have Shari and her daughter join us on Sunday, September 22 to share their experiences and discuss the complex issues surrounding both legal and illegal border crossing as well as the US response to this crisis. Please plan to attend on Sunday, September 22 at 9:15 a.m. in Fellowship Hall.