Do You Want To Participate In St. Paul's Caring Card Ministry?

For years a group of faithful members and friends of St. Paul’s have been regularly writing and sending caring cards to people who are facing challenging situations. Those for whom we are asked to pray, and those who are added to our prayer list receive caring cards to remind them that we are praying for them. I invite and encourage you, the other members and friends of St. Paul’s to consider participating in this vital and meaningful caring card ministry. What does it take? How does it work? Our office manager, Sue Nentwig, will assign you by email one person to whom you will write a caring note during that specific week. The email describes the situation the person or family faces (dealing with cancer, grieving the loss of a spouse, undergoing surgery, having been in an accident, etc.) and shares the address to which the note is to be sent. You are responsible for buying cards and stamps, to write the card and to send it out. If you do not email, Sue will send you the assignment in the mail. If you are willing to help with this ministry, you will be assigned one person per week. Some weeks you will get a break, when we have fewer prayer concerns than caring card ministers. When you notify Sue in the church office, you will also get a break whenever you are on vacation, travel, or are not able to write a note for other reasons. If you are interested in participating, if you want to explore whether the caring card ministry is for you, please let Sue Nentwig in the church office or Pastor Dietmar know. Sue can be reached by email at or by phone, 570-374-8749 and Pastor Dietmar at or at 570-541-0121. If you want to, you can also receive some guidance and training on how to best write a caring note.