Messy Church - Saturday, February 2 at 4:30 pm

Do you want to experience something great? Join us for lots of crafts, activities, music, Bible story, and a free meal on Saturday, February 2 at 4:30 pm in our fellowship hall. If your family life is a little messy at times, if you can use a little hope and meaning, Messy Church is for you! Children bring their grandparents, aunts their nieces, teenagers their peers. Together we explore the lighter side of church. Our first Messy Church program on January 6 was a huge success; 52 persons participated and we had lots of fun exploring together Jesus’ story of the lost sheep. Thanks to ALL who made that possible! Please know that young families are NOT expected to help prepare, cook, serve, or clean up! This time is for you to enjoy, be inspired, and experience church in a fresh way with your own family. If you have questions or want to help, please contact Pastor Dietmar at or at (570) 541-0121. He can connect you with one of our teams around crafts, meal, hospitality, or clean up. Spread the word and join us for Messy Church!