Why Name Tags? - Please Wear Yours!

We ask and encourage you to please wear a name tag every Sunday. Why? It helps people feel more welcome and helps us connect better with one another. God says, “I have called you by name, you are mine!” (Isaiah 43:1) We want to be able to do the same, call you by name. Your name tag is meant for those who do not yet know you. You will find your name tag in the cabinet across from the main sanctuary entrance or on the small table by the balcony door. The tags are sorted alphabetically by last name. The random colors should help you find yours more easily. A host can help you find your name tag or create one for you. If you do not find your name tag, please write your name on the list under the cabinet and we will create one for you. After the worship service, if at all possible, please place your name tag back in the cabinet/the box from where you took it. There you will find your name tag again next Sunday. Thank you, thank you!