"A Place to Call Home" - Worship Series, Sundays at 10:30 am

There is no place like home, a place to belong, where you feel loved and appreciated for who you are. God placed a longing for loving relationships in your heart. You are made to relate. Like your hunger for food, your soul craves for God, to connect to the living God. You long to belong, to be at home with God. “A Place to Call Home” is the theme of our Easter Worship Series, which includes themes like, “All Are Welcome,” “You Are Family,” “A Place at the Table,” “Always Room for One More,” “Residing in Love,” “Always Blessing, Always Blessed,” and “What’s Mine is Yours.” We encourage you to invite a friend and join us together in worship during this Easter Season as we explore together what it means to be at home, truly at home with God.