Whom Will You Invite to Celebrate Christmas With Us?

God uses people like you and me to reach out and invite people to experience hope, peace, joy, and love. “Angels Among Us,” is this season’s worship theme. We will have moving services with the Children’s Musical on Dec. 17th. Our traditional Christmas Eve Candlelight service is a highlight of the whole year. As you pray for and reflect on whom you can invite, think specifically of  family members, of neighbors, of people at work, of friends, acquaintances, members of groups and organizations you belong to. Think especially of persons who are undergoing transitions and life stresses, like people who moved to town, have a new baby, retired recently, experienced a loss, death, an empty nest, or some other hardship. You can use a note card with an attached pottery angel to invite people to join us in worship. God uses people like you and me to invite others to experience the presence of God. Whom will you invite to celebrate Christmas with us?