Prayer List

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers and take these concerns as an opportunity to care for them. We can not share personal information in this public e-mail. For more information, please contact the church office at

Dolores Bressler

Michelle Siegel

The family of Gloria Stewart

Rev. Ryan Gephart

Jackie Heitmann - connected to Margaret Weirick

Pray for people in their busiest times during Spring, when it is a time we want to open up space for God to speak.

A friend of Carolyn Patton

Sam Deetz - connected to Sam Edmiston

Scott Hill - nephew of Beverly Heinemann

Clint Mettler - connected to David Imhoof

The family of Cassidy Swartz - connected to Myia Brosius

Carla Yoder - connected to Sally Hayhurst

Matt Beaver

Wendy Haines & family - Dan Herrold’s aunt

Kurt & Brigitte Schwarz - Sigrid Plajer’s parents

The family of Gene Young - connected to Vivian Beaver

Our sisters and brothers in the United Methodist Church

Matt Bingaman

Dan Herrold

June Straub

Randy Tanner

Candy Adkins - Judi Anselmo’s sister

The family of Paul Boyer - connected to Missy McCabe

Anne Marie Nagley - connected to Barb Lewis

Phil Pratt & children - connected to the Nammingas

Elaine Reitz & family - connected to John Rothermel

Nancy Wagner

Ray & Betsy Benner

Mike & Jan Garinger

Dianne Sheaffer

If you want to include someone on our church prayer list, please call the church office at 570-374-8749, e-mail us at, or fill out one of the prayer cards from the pews and place them in the offering plate. For us to honor Prayer Request cards please seek permission from the person you desire prayers for and include your name on the cards that are available in the pews or in the church office.

Jesus, You and Facebook

How will you follow Jesus' call to “Share my love to the end of the earth!” When Jesus’ sent his followers, he meant it, “Go! Do it!” In their footsteps, we are in mission to go beyond the walls. Facebook is one way how you can share the love of Jesus. I challenge you during this Lenten Season to “check in” on your Facebook page whenever you come to St. Paul’s, to “like” and to “share” St. Paul’s posts on Simplifying the Soul, Messy Church, worship, message, youth group, faith sharing, music, activities. Facebook is one great way how you can share the love of Jesus beyond St. Paul’s!

"Simplifying the Soul" - Lenten Study

Lent, which begins with Ash Wednesday, March 6th, is a wonderful opportunity to refocus, to de-clutter, and to simplify your life. Our worship services during Lent, and our group studies will teach you how. The season’s theme is inspired by Paula Huston’s book, “Simplifying the Soul: Lenten Practices to Renew Your Spirit.” The book is deeply spiritual and very practical. It integrates hands-on practices for every day with Biblical wisdom in our faith tradition. A brief meditation per day ties it all together. You can acquire the book in the foyer for $6/used copy or $14/new book, as long as supplies last. If that is too expensive for you, contribute what you can. Get engaged to the level that is good and meaningful to you. You can sign up for a study group in the foyer or through the church office. The whole season is meant to help you simplify your soul and your life. Think of it as Marie Kondo for your soul. With questions, please contact the church office at 570-374-8749 or Pastor Dietmar at 570-541-0121.

Simplifying the Soul Study - Last Chance

If you still want to participate in one of the “Simplifying the Soul” small group studies, now is the time! Groups meet during the week in various locations. On Sunday morning at 9:15 am you can either join the Mixed Adult Sunday school class in the Council Room or the Culture and Christianity class in the Meeting Room. On Tuesday at 10:30 am a group meets at Sally Lauer’s home and on Tuesdays at 2:30 pm another group meets at Lois Bruno’s home. On Thursdays at 7 pm, Pastor Dietmar facilitates a group in the Meeting Room. Please sign up for a group in the church foyer or through the church office. You can acquire a study book for $6/used copy and $14/new copy as long as supplies last. With questions you may contact Pastor Dietmar at or 570-541-0121.

What Will You Nail To The Cross?

Of what will you let go during this Lenten Season? What will you hand over and surrender to God? Up front in our sanctuary you see the big wooden cross that stood in downtown Selinsgrove on Ash Wednesday, March 6. People who walked by wrote on note paper what worried them, what burdened them, what they wanted to release. They literally nailed their concerns to the cross. Now, you can read the prayers and/or add your own. There are note papers at the foot of the cross together with a hammer and nails. What will you let go? What will you nail to the cross? 

Faith Sharing in Worship

Faith is a matter of the heart. Sharing your faith from the heart moves and inspires. It helps others grow in faith. It encourages others to share their own faith experiences. We invite you to consider sharing in worship about one of your personal experiences that shaped you. Your sharing need not to be polished. It can include experiences of struggle and pain. Your sharing is to be personal, “from the heart” and short (2-3 minutes). If you are too anxious to share while standing in front of the congregation, you can share from your seat in the pew. Or we can record you in a comfortable setting. Pastor Dietmar is willing to coach you. Please contact him at or on his cell phone, (570) 541-0121. Thank you for your willingness to share your faith!

Do You Want To Participate In St. Paul's Caring Card Ministry?

For years a group of faithful members and friends of St. Paul’s have been regularly writing and sending caring cards to people who are facing challenging situations. Those for whom we are asked to pray, and those who are added to our prayer list receive caring cards to remind them that we are praying for them. I invite and encourage you, the other members and friends of St. Paul’s to consider participating in this vital and meaningful caring card ministry. What does it take? How does it work? Our office manager, Sue Nentwig, will assign you by email one person to whom you will write a caring note during that specific week. The email describes the situation the person or family faces (dealing with cancer, grieving the loss of a spouse, undergoing surgery, having been in an accident, etc.) and shares the address to which the note is to be sent. You are responsible for buying cards and stamps, to write the card and to send it out. If you do not email, Sue will send you the assignment in the mail. If you are willing to help with this ministry, you will be assigned one person per week. Some weeks you will get a break, when we have fewer prayer concerns than caring card ministers. When you notify Sue in the church office, you will also get a break whenever you are on vacation, travel, or are not able to write a note for other reasons. If you are interested in participating, if you want to explore whether the caring card ministry is for you, please let Sue Nentwig in the church office or Pastor Dietmar know. Sue can be reached by email at or by phone, 570-374-8749 and Pastor Dietmar at or at 570-541-0121. If you want to, you can also receive some guidance and training on how to best write a caring note.

Donations for VBS 2019

This year’s theme for VBS is “From Mars and Beyond.” We want to transform St. Paul’s to look like you are walking around the inside of a spaceship and want the ceilings to sparkle like the night sky. To facilitate this, we need both colored and white lights, so before you stick those Christmas lights away in the attic or basement, please bring them to St. Paul’s for us to use for VBS 2019. If you would like your lights back after VBS this July, please place your name on the bag you bring them in and we will return them to you after we are done with them this summer. You may bring them to St. Paul’s and place them in the Sunday School room downstairs or in the work room. The lights will be stored safely and well taken care of over the next few months. Any light donations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Help the Ronald McDonald House

Ronan McCabe is collecting soda tabs for his school. They recycle them and then donate the money to the Ronald McDonald House at Geisinger. The money goes to the House for general operating expenses – keeping their doors open to continue to serve families. There is a container in the foyer where you can deposit your soda tabs. Thank you for your help!

St. Paul's New Notepads - For Your Use

You can find St. Paul’s new notepads in the bottom racks of the pews. We encourage you to use the pads for sermon notes, to write a note to a friend or to Pastor Dietmar, to draw, to doodle, to create your personal to-do list or to use it in a new creative and meaningful way. You can also purchase these notepads for your personal use for $3/pad or $5 for two pads in the church office. You can pick up notepads from the table in the foyer and slide your money for the pads under the “Secretary” door in the upper hallway. Blessings!

Jesus Loves All the Children of the World

St. Paul’s UCC Youth Group wants you to know that Jesus loves ALL the children of the world.  The Youth Group painted wooden children representing 12 different countries from around the world, even countries that the US may be in conflict with, because they wanted to show everyone that Jesus welcomes and loves all, no matter where they are from or what country they live in. The “Children of the World” are displayed on the church lawn and have the name of the country they represent on their back, so take some time to stroll around and try to guess which country each wooden child represents.  And don’t forgot that Jesus loves ALL!

St. Paul's Church Mugs

St. Paul’s ordered beautiful new mugs with our church logo on them. You can purchase them for $10/mug through the church office. You can also check the mugs out on the table in the church foyer. The mugs make a nice gift. Enjoy your coffee, tea or hot chocolate in St. Paul’s new church mugs.

St. Paul's Audio and Video

Have you ever wondered about all those buttons and slides at the back of the sanctuary? How do all those images get on the big screens? Have you ever wanted to participate in one of our wonderful worship services, but don't want to be front and center? Consider joining the Audio and Video Team. Maybe just join us one Sunday to see what it's all about. Sound and images play a very important rule in today's worship! We can't imagine our church without these gifts. See one of the smiling operators in the sound and video booth for details!

The Visitation Ministry Needs Your Support

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Will you please help us finance St. Paul's Visitation Ministry Position at $200/month? Pastor Penny (pictured above) started a visitation ministry at St. Paul's for people who are homebound and in nursing homes. About 20 persons followed her invitation to participate in visiting people who are confined to their home. Because Pastor Penny's position was not budgeted for 2017, we need funding for it. We are deeply grateful to two persons who each funded one month of Pastor Penny's ministry. Are you able to join them in "sponsoring" the Visitation Ministry for a month for $200 or willing and able to make any size donation to support this vital ministry? Especially those who are homebound and confined to nursing homes will appreciate your contribution very much. Please designate your gift to "Visitation Ministry." Thank you, thank you!

"Where and How Do You Notice God at Work?" - Faith Sharing

It is always moving when people share personally about their faith and experiences of God. Celtic Christianity describes “thin places,” where God’s reality and ours are touching, barely separated by a veil as thin as gossamer. Where and how do you notice God at work? We invite you to share an experience during our worship service, when you felt God at work in you or around you. Every person has such experiences, where the veil in between heaven and earth lifts. Sharing your personal experience in worship should be only 3 minutes long. Please let Pastor Dietmar know of your interest in sharing from your heart. You can talk to him in person, call (570) 541-0121 or email: Thank you for paying attention to God’s movements in your life and your surroundings. 

Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee that makes you smile!

Coffee that makes you smile!

Many small coffee farmers receive prices for their coffee that are less than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt. Fair Trade is a viable solution to this crisis, assuring consumers that the coffee we drink was purchased under fair conditions. To support this worthy cause you can purchase coffee products from the display in the church foyer. Please make checks payable to St. Paul’s United Church of Christ with “Fair Trade Coffee” in the memo line.

Try the great taste of fairly traded coffee!

Try the great taste of fairly traded coffee!

"Recycle for Sight"

St. Paul’s is a drop-off for eyeglasses going to a Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center. Lions Clubs International provide eyeglasses free-of-charge for optical missions. Lions, healthcare workers, and service-minded volunteers from other organizations participate in optical missions. All types of eyeglasses and sunglasses, prescription and non-prescription, are acceptable. Children's eyeglasses are especially needed. Reading glasses are also useful because many recipients are in need of visual correction to help them perform close-up tasks. A collection box is in the foyer.  There is no deadline as this is an ongoing mission.  Thank you to Kim Haizlett for initiating this worthwhile project.