Prayer List

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers and take these concerns as an opportunity to care for them. We can not share personal information in this public e-mail. For more information, please contact the church office at

The Bilger family - connected to Donnell & Fred Kelly

Bryan - Jaime Namminga’s brother-in-law

Harry Longer - connected to Janeen Brosius

Mike - Caroline Kissinger’s son

Jan Garinger, Jenelle & Ben Moyer

The family of David Troutman

Joseph Vanderlip - Randy Tanner’s brother-in-law

Betsy & Ray Benner

Myia Brosius

Ivana Lluveras

The family of Arlene Briner

Kelly Depew - connected to Linda Turner

The family of Charlene Persing McCune - connected to Vivian Beaver

Toyse Ali - connected to Michael McEachern

Walt - connected to Michael McEachern

Nancy Wagner

Lauren Miller - connected to Carol Miller

Kurt & Brigitte Schwarz - Sigrid Plajer’s parents

Wayne Wetzel - Allen Wetzel’s dad

Al Deans

Rev. Jack Snook

June Straub

Dianne Sheaffer

If you want to include someone on our church prayer list, please call the church office at 570-374-8749, e-mail us at, or fill out one of the prayer cards from the pews and place them in the offering plate. For us to honor Prayer Request cards please seek permission from the person you desire prayers for and include your name on the cards that are available in the pews or in the church office.

Outsider-Insider: Summer Worship Series

Have you ever felt like a third wheel? Life on the outside of the “in” crowd can make it difficult to fit in, to feel at home. The Gospel of Luke chronicles Jesus’ ministry with those on the so-called outside. During our summer worship services we will explore how Jesus bridges separations and how he calls us to follow him in turning the inside out and the outside in. Join us on Sundays at 10:00 am as we explore what Jesus is all about and how we can follow in his footsteps.

Meals for Seals Packing Help - July 15 at 6 pm

Every 3rd Monday of the month at 6 pm a group of people meet at All Saints Episcopal Church on Market Street to pack "Meals for Seals" for Selinsgrove elementary children who would otherwise go hungry over the weekend. All can help: children, youths and adults.  Usually it takes one hour to complete the task. The next date is July 15 at 6 pm. More info is available through Lori Weir at or 570-374-6966. Thank you!

Youth Pool Party - July 21, 7:00-9:00 pm

All youth who completed 6th grade and up are invited to a fun pool party together with youth from Church of the Nazarene and other area churches at the Selinsgrove Community Pool on Linda Lane on Sunday, July 21 from 7:00-9:00 PM. The event is at no cost. We will offer refreshments, music, a devotion, and a belly flop contest. You can invite some friends to join you. Please let Pastor Dietmar know whether you will participate in order to ensure we have enough life guards and refreshments. We need two adult chaperones in addition to Pastor Dietmar to accompany our St. Paul’s youth and their friends. To sign up or with questions, you can reach Pastor Dietmar at or 570-541-0121. 

Re-Creation Concert - July 28, 6:30 pm

Come and enjoy Re-Creation on Sunday, July 28 at 6:30 pm! This year's program, “Classic: The Worship Suite” is a live worship experience unlike any other! Dynamic vocal blend combined with a lively, yet sensitive state-of-the-art sound…Tasteful, appropriate presentation...Light staging/Fun elements…Congregational participation…Biblically referenced songs!  Re-Creation operates on a free-will offering.

Opportunity to Support Messy Church

Once again, St. Paul's will be a part of Friends Helping Friends, sponsored by Boscov's Department Stores, to benefit non-profit organizations. Friends Helping Friends is scheduled for Wednesday, October 16, 2019. For $5.00, you can buy an all-day shopping pass that will give you a 10%-25% discount on all your shopping needs for that day. Randy Tanner, Jack Lewis and Sue Nentwig, in the church office, will have the passes available for sale beginning July 15 up until October 16. All proceeds from the sale of the shopping passes will go to benefit the Messy Church program at St. Paul's. These shopping passes make wonderful gifts for family, friends and prayer partners. Mark your calendars for October 16 and get your shopping passes now. For questions or if you would be willing to help sell these passes, please contact Jack Lewis at (570) 374-9732 or (570) 850-3295 or email me at

A Message from St. Paul's Green Team - How to Use Less Paper

Did you know that it takes about 3 gallons of water to make every single sheet of paper? In our offices in the US we use approximately 7 million tons of paper, or 1.4 trillion sheets of paper per year – equal to 1.5 million trees! (Sources: UNESCO Institute for Water Education & You can be a part of the St. Paul’s community effort to become more environmentally friendly by opting to receive a digital PDF of our monthly newsletter instead of receiving a paper version. If you’d like to make that switch starting with our September newsletter, please email the office ( and we’ll switch you from the paper version to the digital version!  

Children & Youth Services "Back to School Fair"

Snyder County Children & Youth Services is preparing for their annual “Back to School Fair”. Their goal is to provide backpacks filled with school supplies for local children in need. St. Paul’s will collect items through Sunday, August 4. There is a box outside the secretary’s office where you may place your donations. Thank you for your help! 


Items desired include:

New backpacks                            Filler paper for 3-ring binders                     Construction paper   

Book covers                                  Scissors (safety style)                                    Post-It notes

Hand sanitizers                             Daily assignment notebooks                      Pens

Crayons                                        Markers & highlighters                               Rulers

Colored pencils                            3-ring binders (1 to 1 1/2 inch)                        Lunch boxes

Pocket tissues                               Erasers (block & pencil top)                            #2 pencils

Mechanical pencils                     Pencil boxes (plastic or fabric)                       Pencil sharpeners

Graphing calculators                   Folders (pockets, fasteners)                                    

Elmer's glue (bottles & sticks) Notebooks (single & multi-subject spiral)

Summer Special Music Needed

During the summer, we need special music contributors every Sunday. Can you sing or play an instrument on a Sunday morning this summer? Do you know someone who can but needs to be asked? A quartet singing a beautiful hymn would be very nice. There are lots of ideas and we have so much talent here. There is a sign-up sheet outside the Music Room. Let me know by email too, please at:  

Marv Rudnitsky, Music Committee Chair

Summer Camp at Hartman Center For Half Price

If you are looking for a camp for your child this summer, please consider the Hartman Center Camp!! The camp is located on 192 acres of woods, trails and water in Milroy, PA. This facility is owned by the Penn Central Conference of the UCC and it offers many different camps that focus on different activities ranging from soccer to music, drama, writing, arts/crafts and adventure, so every child can find one that fits them and will also help them to grow in their faith. This years’ camp theme is “Peace Works” and all camp activities will help them explore this topic. The first camp week starts June 23-29, second week is from June 30 - July 6, week 3 is from July 7-13, week 4 is July 14-20, and week 5 is July 21-27. Each week has a number of different camps from which to choose. If you would like more information or are interested in learning more about the different camps, please visit the website:, email: or call: 1-717-50-CABIN. You can also check out the Hartman Center on Facebook and Instagram. Camp brochures are available on the table in the foyer. And don’t forget, our congregation covers half the cost to church members!

Will You Participate in St. Paul's Caring Card Ministry?

We need one or two more persons willing to write one caring card per week to someone who has been added to our prayer list. You get a break when we have fewer prayer concerns than people who write notes. Also, you are not assigned when you are out of town. Your are responsible for buying cards and stamps, to write the note and send it out. Our Office Manager, Sue Nentwig will assign you on a weekly basis to whom you would write the note and she will give you some background information. If you are interested or have questions, please contact Sue at or 570-374-8749 or Pastor Dietmar at or 570-541-0121.

Help the Ronald McDonald House

Ronan McCabe is collecting soda tabs for his school. They recycle them and then donate the money to the Ronald McDonald House at Geisinger. The money goes to the House for general operating expenses – keeping their doors open to continue to serve families. There is a container in the foyer where you can deposit your soda tabs. Thank you for your help!

St. Paul's New Notepads - For Your Use

You can find St. Paul’s new notepads in the bottom racks of the pews. We encourage you to use the pads for sermon notes, to write a note to a friend or to Pastor Dietmar, to draw, to doodle, to create your personal to-do list or to use it in a new creative and meaningful way. You can also purchase these notepads for your personal use for $3/pad or $5 for two pads in the church office. You can pick up notepads from the table in the foyer and slide your money for the pads under the “Secretary” door in the upper hallway. Blessings!

Jesus Loves All the Children of the World

St. Paul’s UCC Youth Group wants you to know that Jesus loves ALL the children of the world.  The Youth Group painted wooden children representing 12 different countries from around the world, even countries that the US may be in conflict with, because they wanted to show everyone that Jesus welcomes and loves all, no matter where they are from or what country they live in. The “Children of the World” are displayed on the church lawn and have the name of the country they represent on their back, so take some time to stroll around and try to guess which country each wooden child represents.  And don’t forgot that Jesus loves ALL!

St. Paul's Church Mugs

St. Paul’s ordered beautiful new mugs with our church logo on them. You can purchase them for $10/mug through the church office. You can also check the mugs out on the table in the church foyer. The mugs make a nice gift. Enjoy your coffee, tea or hot chocolate in St. Paul’s new church mugs.

St. Paul's Audio and Video

Have you ever wondered about all those buttons and slides at the back of the sanctuary? How do all those images get on the big screens? Have you ever wanted to participate in one of our wonderful worship services, but don't want to be front and center? Consider joining the Audio and Video Team. Maybe just join us one Sunday to see what it's all about. Sound and images play a very important rule in today's worship! We can't imagine our church without these gifts. See one of the smiling operators in the sound and video booth for details!

The Visitation Ministry Needs Your Support

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Will you please help us finance St. Paul's Visitation Ministry Position at $200/month? Pastor Penny (pictured above) started a visitation ministry at St. Paul's for people who are homebound and in nursing homes. About 20 persons followed her invitation to participate in visiting people who are confined to their home. Because Pastor Penny's position was not budgeted for 2017, we need funding for it. We are deeply grateful to two persons who each funded one month of Pastor Penny's ministry. Are you able to join them in "sponsoring" the Visitation Ministry for a month for $200 or willing and able to make any size donation to support this vital ministry? Especially those who are homebound and confined to nursing homes will appreciate your contribution very much. Please designate your gift to "Visitation Ministry." Thank you, thank you!

"Where and How Do You Notice God at Work?" - Faith Sharing

It is always moving when people share personally about their faith and experiences of God. Celtic Christianity describes “thin places,” where God’s reality and ours are touching, barely separated by a veil as thin as gossamer. Where and how do you notice God at work? We invite you to share an experience during our worship service, when you felt God at work in you or around you. Every person has such experiences, where the veil in between heaven and earth lifts. Sharing your personal experience in worship should be only 3 minutes long. Please let Pastor Dietmar know of your interest in sharing from your heart. You can talk to him in person, call (570) 541-0121 or email: Thank you for paying attention to God’s movements in your life and your surroundings.