Prayer List

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

As you trust God and entrust these people in God's care, may we together experience the Living God.

Please keep the following people in your thoughts and prayers and take these concerns as an opportunity to care for them. We can not share personal information in this public e-mail. For more information, please contact the church office at

Kim Burkhart

Dan Herrold

The family of Helen Huff

Anna Mary Wetzel

Aungst family - connected to Barbie Reed

Bill & Patsy Bloom - Joe Cabe's parents

Kay - connected to Wendy Houck

Norman & Myrletta Kline - Kim Rigel's parents

Unit 16 US Army - connected to Joe Cabe

Paul Cotner

Michelle Siegel

Ben & Jenelle Moyer - Jan Garinger's daughter & son-in-law

Mary Rhoads & family - connected to Toodie Wells

Rick & Brandy Savidge - connected to Wendy Mull

Denise Sosbe - connected to Barbara Lewis

Shannon Hermann

Jeremy Brouse - Angela Brouse's husband

The family of Dave Camp - connected to Tina Burgess

The family of Beatrice Kissinger - connected to Tina Burgess

Sandra Partridge - connected to Penny Dollar

The family of William Shambach - connected to Kirby & Chyrl Gemberling

Paul Williams

Angela Brouse

Michael Bruno - connected to Lois Bruno

Mike Engelman family - connected to Randy Tanner

Archie Passmore & Penny Dollar family

The family of Dorothy Passmore

Mary Rhoads - connected to Toodie Wells

The family of Shirley Wendt

Helen Hannah

Matt Beaver - Terry & Vivian Beaver's son

Gayle & Bruce Dively

If you want to include someone on our church prayer list, please call the church office at 570-374-8749, e-mail us at, or fill out one of the prayer cards from the pews and place them in the offering plate. For us to honor Prayer Request cards please seek permission from the person you desire prayers for and include your name on the cards that are available in the pews or in the church office.

"40 Treasures" Study Groups - Beginning February 18

The best way to grow in faith is to participate in a small group of friends and fellow faith explorers. We invite you to participate in one of our six-week study groups and explore how Jesus can help you grow in faith. You will have an extra benefit as the weekly study ties together with the Sunday worship services. Sign up in the foyer and invite a friend to join you in the group. The "40 Treasured bible Verses" book is available for $8 in the foyer and church office. Thank you for making growing in faith a priority.

"My Favorite Bible Verse" - Beginning February 18

As part of our Faith Sharing Moments in worship, Pastor Dietmar invites you to share for 5 minutes during our Sunday worship services why a specific Bible verse is one of your favorites. Participating in the Lenten Study and using the “40 Treasured Bible Verses” will help you find, discover, and explore why one verse speaks to you and is special for you. Thank you for considering to share!  

Baptism & New Member Sunday - February 25

We have a couple of people ready to officially join St. Paul’s and a couple of children whose parents want to have them baptized, which we are planning for February 25. If you are considering to join St. Paul’s, please let the church office or Pastor Dietmar know. Together with the other candidates, you can explore if and how you and St. Paul’s can enter a mutually beneficial relationship of love (love God, love neighbor, love self) and of service.

Meals for Seals Packing Help - February 19 at 7 pm

Every 3rd Monday of the month at 7 pm a group of people meet at All Saints Episcopal Church on Market Street to pack "Meals for Seals" for Selinsgrove elementary children who would otherwise go hungry over the weekend. All can help: children, youths and adults.  Usually it takes one hour to complete the task. The next date is February 19 at 7 pm.  More info is available through Lori Weir at or 570-374-6966.  Thank you!

Mission of the Month - February 25

Pastors don’t just happen. Those who sense a call to ministry embark on a year-long process of discernment, faith formation and seminary training. It is a rigorous process. It takes money to do that. Textbooks, courses and seminars, meals, room and travel make it very expensive to study for ministry. Our "Mission of the Month" in February is to support the education of future UCC pastors through our UCC Central Association's “Church Vocation Fund.” Pastor’s don’t just happen. Thank you for participating in our special “Church Vocation Fund” offering on February 25.

Rejoicing Spirits Outreach Ministry - February 25 at 6:30 pm

The Selinsgrove Area Ministerium, along with community members support the outreach ministry called Rejoicing Spirits, which reaches out to enrich the spiritual lives of individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities and their families through a meaningful, inclusive worship service. Services are offered in the evening on the 4th Sunday of each month at the Nazarene Church in Selinsgrove. The next service will be held on February 25 at 6:30 pm. There are many ways to help: provide a snack, help serve or be a peer buddy with an attendee. If you would like to help in any way, please contact Susan Bolig at or 570-374-2587.

Who Are You? - Mark Your Identity

We invite you to join us in an interesting exercise to mark characteristics, qualities, and preferences which describe and define you on the big white board in the back of the sanctuary. Take a ball of yarn from the basket on left side of the board and start wrapping it around the nails of statements which apply to you. The more participation, the more interesting the design gets. Besides marking your own identity, you can also follow other people’s threads and explore what defines them. This exercise corresponds with our “Known and Called” worship series theme, which encourages us to explore marks, which identify us as followers of Jesus. Thank you for participating!

2018 Offering Envelopes

Giving is at the heart of being a person of faith. By giving we do what God does. We follow Jesus' example when we give joyfully. Thank you for supporting God's work through St. Paul's ministries. Please pick up your personalized offering envelopes from the hat rack in the coat room. On your regular envelopes you can designate part of your giving to "Our Church's Wider Mission," (OCWM) which supports God's work beyond our local congregation. A good guideline is to give 10% of your overall giving to OCWM. For example, when you give $100 to St. Paul's you give $10 to OCWM. Our Stewardship and Finance Team encourages you to give electronically through eGive. This makes the work of the offering counters easier. Whether you want to make a one-time gift or give regularly, eGive is a great way to do it. You can click on the eGive button in the Ministry section on our website or contact our financial secretary, Cindy Martin at or by calling (570) 898-7265. If you are new to St. Paul's and want your own offering envelopes, you can also receive them through Cindy Martin. Thank you for your generous support of St. Paul's mission and ministries!

Hygiene Kits Needed for Flood Victims in Texas and Florida

St. Paul's will be collecting items for hygiene kits for the flood victims in Texas and Florida, which will be sent to Church World Service. Items needed include:

   One hand towel (15"x28" to 16"x32", no fingertip, bath, dish towel or micro-fiber)

   One washcloth; one wide-tooth comb removed from the package; one bath-size bar of soap

   in the wrapper; one finger nail or toe nail clipper removed from the package; one toothbrush

   in the package; ten standard size Band-aids.

All items need to fit in a one-gallon plastic zipper closure bag. Remove the excess air from the bag and seal. Do not add extra items or toothpaste. Extended expiration toothpaste will be added to the hygiene kit prior to its journey. Completed kits can be brought to the church or single items can be donated and the Youth Group will assemble the kits. With questions, please contact Marty Blessing at or 570-743-7935.

Used Bicycles Needed

The only way that people from the Haven Ministries homeless shelter in Sunbury can get to work is with a bicycle. Do you have a used bicycle that you don’t need any more? Please ask your neighbors and friends if they have a used, functioning bicycle. It’s one of the greatest gifts you can give to those who live at the Sunbury homeless shelter. They are working hard to get back on their feet. The best way is if you deliver the used bicycle directly to Haven Ministries in Sunbury (1043 S. Front St., 570-286-1672, Manager: Christy). If you are unable to deliver the bicycle to Sunbury, please drop it off at the church and place it in the garage from the alley. Please let the church office know when you drop off a bike. Thank you so much! 

St. Paul's Audio and Video

Have you ever wondered about all those buttons and slides at the back of the sanctuary? How do all those images get on the big screens? Have you ever wanted to participate in one of our wonderful worship services, but don't want to be front and center? Consider joining the Audio and Video Team. Maybe just join us one Sunday to see what it's all about. Sound and images play a very important rule in today's worship! We can't imagine our church without these gifts. See one of the smiling operators in the sound and video booth for details!

The Visitation Ministry Needs Your Support

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Pastor Penny describes the meaning of the "Broken" Cross in worship. 

Will you please help us finance St. Paul's Visitation Ministry Position at $200/month? Pastor Penny (pictured above) started a visitation ministry at St. Paul's for people who are homebound and in nursing homes. About 20 persons followed her invitation to participate in visiting people who are confined to their home. Because Pastor Penny's position was not budgeted for 2017, we need funding for it. We are deeply grateful to two persons who each funded one month of Pastor Penny's ministry. Are you able to join them in "sponsoring" the Visitation Ministry for a month for $200 or willing and able to make any size donation to support this vital ministry? Especially those who are homebound and confined to nursing homes will appreciate your contribution very much. Please designate your gift to "Visitation Ministry." Thank you, thank you!

"Where and How Do You Notice God at Work?" - Faith Sharing

It is always moving when people share personally about their faith and experiences of God. Celtic Christianity describes “thin places,” where God’s reality and ours are touching, barely separated by a veil as thin as gossamer. Where and how do you notice God at work? We invite you to share an experience during our worship service, when you felt God at work in you or around you. Every person has such experiences, where the veil in between heaven and earth lifts. Sharing your personal experience in worship should be only 3 minutes long. Please let Pastor Dietmar know of your interest in sharing from your heart. You can talk to him in person, call (570) 541-0121 or email: Thank you for paying attention to God’s movements in your life and your surroundings. 

Why Name Tags?

We encourage everyone to wear a name tag.  This helps people feel more welcome and helps us connect better with one another. You will find your name tag in the cabinet across from the main sanctuary entrance. They are sorted alphabetically by last name. The random colors should help you find yours more easily.  A host can help you find your name tag or create one for you.  After our worship service, you can drop your name tag in a designated basket at the church entrance. Our volunteers will restock them alphabetically in the cabinet. There you will find your name tag again next Sunday. Why name tags? We practice extravagant hospitality and we get to know each other better. Thanks for participating and for encouraging others to wear name tags on a regular basis.





Fair Trade Coffee

Coffee that makes you smile!

Coffee that makes you smile!

Many small coffee farmers receive prices for their coffee that are less than the costs of production, forcing them into a cycle of poverty and debt. Fair Trade is a viable solution to this crisis, assuring consumers that the coffee we drink was purchased under fair conditions. To support this worthy cause you can purchase coffee products from the display in the church foyer. Please make checks payable to St. Paul’s United Church of Christ with “Fair Trade Coffee” in the memo line.

Try the great taste of fairly traded coffee!

Try the great taste of fairly traded coffee!